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room with ventilation in ceiling

A collaborative project for healthier indoor environments

Buildings Post Corona is a collaborative project between Chalmers, KTH, Lund University and Umeå University. The project aims to support the construction sector in designing and maintaining sustainable buildings with a healthy and good indoor environment.

About the project


A man standing under a vent, with arrows showing the flow of air in the room.
Schematic of a mixing ventilation system, taken from the study.

Ventilation solutions for hospital wards: a systematic review

Different ventilation systems in hospitals can help to ensure improved patient outcomes and the well-being of healthcare workers. A recently published study reviews how different ventilation systems p...

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Debate: "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough"

An opinion piece published in Fastighetstidningen entitled "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough" makes the case for indoor air quality.

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COVID-19 guidance for the Swedish construction and real estate sectors – results from a survey study

New survey provides guidance for the construction and real estate sector. Results from the study show an imbalance of guidance during the pandemic.

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Open position

Doctoral student in indoor air quality and health

The School of Architecture and Built Environment at KTH is looking to hire a postdoc working on Fluid and Climate Theory. The project aims to develop sustainable methods for designing and managing sustainable indoor environments characterised by good thermal climate, with little risk of airborne particle spread. The research will establish new knowledge by applying an interdisciplinary methodology, and collaborating with stakeholders providing knowledge, systems, and indoor spaces.

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