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Exploring Care Home: A Journey to Örebro

From left: Erik Eklund, Sasan Sadrizadeh, Mats Strömberg, Teoh Yik Chirt, Hasse Hildingsson
Published Mar 22, 2024

On January 23rd 2024, our team set out on a special excursion to Örebro, eager to visit a care home under the ownership of Länsgården. Our mission for the day? To explore potential research collaborations between Länsgården and Buildings Post Corona (BPC) for an innovative PhD project.

PhD Research Project

Teoh Yik Chirt (Gavin), a new PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology who started his PhD studies and joined the BPC team in September 2023. Gavin's passion lies in unraveling the mysteries of airborne infectious diseases within care homes, aiming to devise strategies for reducing infection risks. Armed with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, Gavin dives into the intricate dynamics of indoor air flow, seeking ways to enhance air quality and mitigate infection risks. His plan? To set up comprehensive site monitoring and conduct observational studies, all in pursuit of solid, ground-truth research outcomes.

Presentation and Discussion

Our day kicked off with an enlightening presentation by Länsgården, offering us a glimpse into their corporate ethos and achievements. We were thrilled to discover a shared vision between Länsgården and BPC—both organizations are committed to crafting sustainable, occupant-centric buildings for the future. Notably, we learned of Länsgården's remarkable accolades, including consecutive wins of the prestigious Värdbyggnadspriset award in 2019 and 2021. This accolade celebrates excellence in healthcare building design, recognizing environments that nurture healthcare development and teamwork.

Gavin took the stage next, presenting his vision for the future of care home research. He painted a vivid picture of how site monitoring could revolutionize our understanding of indoor air quality, stressing the mutual benefits for all stakeholders involved, namely BPC, Länsgården, care home residents, and the scientific community.

Site Visit

Following the presentations, we visited a care home in Hallsberg dedicated to the Hallsberg municipality. The facility comprises 128 apartments grouped into 16 units, each containing 8 apartments. To foster a sense of community among the elderly residents, each unit is thoughtfully equipped with spacious shared areas such as kitchens, living rooms, balconies, and reading areas. Social interaction among residents and with visiting family members or friends is encouraged.

Constructed in 2022 and undergoing key-handover processes in 2023, the building boasts a biophilic design incorporating numerous wooden elements that evoke a warm ambiance for visitors. Additionally, the building features several innovative technologies and concepts, including a door security system with wristwatch integration, furniture-friendly wall socket designs, and a central vacuum system with vacuum robots.

Next Step

Our visit proved to be fruitful as we exchanged ideas during both the meeting and site visit. Moreover, the guided tour provided by Länsgården offered valuable insights into the daily routines within a care home. We look forward to sharing further updates on the progress of this PhD research project in the future.