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Buildings Post Corona featured in the HVAC Journal

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Image form REHVA.
Published May 03, 2022

The project and a related survey on the development needs in the Swedish ventilation sector, was featured in the April issue of the REHVA European HVAC Journal.

An article about the Buildings Post Corona project was featured in the REHVA European HVAC Journal in April 2022. It describes the project’s network, goals and methodology.

The same issue featured an article about a questionnaire survey conducted broadly among stakeholders within the Swedish ventilation sector. Representatives of industry, real-estate, consultants, other organizations, academy, authorities etc. participated with the aim to identify important issues and problem areas, and to provide understanding of the needs of development in areas related to ventilation. The survey was commissioned by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning was published in early 2022.

Read the articles in PDF:

Buildings Post Corona
The REHVA European HVAC Journal — April 2022

Buildings Post Corona-REHVA J - April 2022.pdf (pdf 676 kB)

Status of ventilation in Sweden
The REHVA European HVAC Journal — April 2022

Ventilation in Sweden - REHVA J April 2022.pdf (pdf 436 kB)

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