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  • Ventilation solutions for hospital wards: a systematic review

    A man standing under a vent, with arrows showing the flow of air in the room.
    Schematic of a mixing ventilation system, taken from the study.
    Published Jan 26, 2024

    Different ventilation systems in hospitals can help to ensure improved patient outcomes and the well-being of healthcare workers. A recently published study reviews how different ventilation systems p...

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  • Debate: "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough"

    Published Apr 29, 2023

    An opinion piece published in Fastighetstidningen entitled "Distance and hand hygiene alone are not enough" makes the case for indoor air quality.

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  • COVID-19 guidance for the Swedish construction and real estate sectors – results from a survey study

    Published Apr 29, 2023

    New survey provides guidance for the construction and real estate sector. Results from the study show an imbalance of guidance during the pandemic.

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  • Buildings Post Corona featured in the HVAC Journal

    Gargoil with mask
    Image form REHVA.
    Published May 03, 2022

    The project and a related survey on the development needs in the Swedish ventilation sector, was featured in the April issue of the REHVA European HVAC Journal.

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  • Read SVT:s article about Buildings Post Corona

    Screenshot from SVTs news feature on Buildings Post Corona
    Photo: SVT
    Published Jan 11, 2022

    SVT recently interviewed Jonas Anund Vogel, director KTH Live-In Lab, about the new project Buildings Post Corona. Jonas Anund Vogel discusses the project and gives SVT a tour of the Live-In Lab build...

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  • Hear Jonas Anund Vogel discuss Buildings Post Corona in Vetenskapsradion

    A building facade
    Photo: Unsplash
    Published Jan 11, 2022

    Vetenskapsradion recently did a news feature on the project Buildings Post Corona. In the news feature Jonas Anund Vogel, director KTH Live-In Lab, discusses the new project which aims to develop viru...

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  • Minimised risk of infection in the buildings of the future

    Published Dec 13, 2021

    KTH, Umeå University, Lund University and Chalmers will together create a roadmap on how to design buildings with a healthy indoor environment that minimises the risk of spreading infectious diseases ...

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