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Buildings Post Corona knowledge session

Presentations from the session on October 6. The session's aim was to share knowledge and identify areas for future cross-disciplinary R&D.

Individual presentations

Efforts to prevent Cross contamination in Hospital Buildings (pdf 3.0 MB)

Presentation by Sasan Sadrizadeh, PhD, Professor, KTH

Measurements of SARS-cov-2 in indoor air (pdf 3.4 MB)

Presentation by Jakob löndahl, Aerosol technology, Lund University

Responses to the covid-19 pandemic – summary of a questionnaire survey (pdf 334 kB)

Presentation by Lars Ekberg, Chalmers

Ventilation and indoor transmission of airborne infections in residential buildings (pdf 811 kB)

Presentation by Alan kabanshi, University of Gävle

E3 Pandemic Response (pdf 1.1 MB)

Presentation by E3

A survey of knowledge gaps in Sweden during the corona pandemic (pdf 1.5 MB)

Presentation by Thomas Olofsson, Umeå Univesity

Higher toxicity of particles collected indoors compared to outdoors in occupied residences in Sweden (pdf 1.1 MB)

Presentation by A. Wierzbicka
Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, Lund University
Centre for Healthy Indoor Environments, Lund University